Bruzz.. is amazing. It’s tooted as the most hygienic nail brush in the world and I think that I may have to agree with them! It’s available in Pink, Blue and White.



The Bruzz fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and you can use it wet, dry, the usual way you use a nail brush or use on the entire finger. The rubber bristles limit spray and it smells like VANILLA!


It’s really soft and really effective. The vanilla smell does wear after a while and it’s more a novelty if I’m honest but it doesn’t effect the product enough for me to care too much. It’s a lot gentler and less wearing on nails and cuticles than a regular bristled nail brush and hard wearing.. And now, one of the best parts about this?


The bristles are removable! You can take them out, flatten them and and sanitise them, pull out anything caught etc as often as you like/need. It’s great on real and artificial nails (apparently, I’ve never had them so I can’t comment on this personally) It’s made of three panels that can fold out and fold back up to give multi-directional cleaning. It’s a fantastic product and I don’t think I could ever use a normal nail brush again. Really. This is a superb product and I honestly can’t fault it. The design is nice, it fits perfectly, it’s practical and it does the job. It’s more than a normal nail brush, but it wears a lot better and I don’t think you’d need to replace it as quickly at all. It’d be kinda cool if you could buy replacement bristles on their own for a fraction of the price as well. OH! and it’s dishwasher safe! If you wanted to do that…

Bruzz costs just under £12 and is available here. Or you can buy a trio for £30!

Have you ever heard of or given Bruzz a go?

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SEAMS Handcream


SEAMS is a relatively new hand cream and this review is long overdue! I have been trying this for a while and I was unsure about it as I love my L’Occitane hand cream but this… well. Read on!

“SEAMS was born from fashion and created as the ultimate seamstress for your hands, with a unique blend of ingredients to give your hands and nails everything they need. This restorative hand treatment lightens age spots, repairs and delivers long lasting hydration. This ultra-light non greasy formula absorbs fast and is touch safe when handling fabric.”

“Shea Butter protects and nourishes, Macadamia Nut Oil improves suppleness and softens, Garden Cress evens skin tone and fades and prevents age spots, Keratin strengthens nails, Fragonia gives anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection and Glycerin heals burns, bites and cuts.”


This hand cream is.. great! It doesn’t feel greasy at all. The fragrance is really strong and initially, I didn’t like it, but it grew on me. It sinks in really quickly and was more intensive than I anticipated for something that soaked in so quickly. It was great because I didn’t have to sit there waiting all day for it to sink in. Hurrah!

It didn’t sting my hands either. I thought when I smelled it “this is gonna hurt” but it didn’t affect my cuts at all. I didn’t really notice healing time being improved or anything but I have no idea how long they would have taken anyway. I always have cuts on my hands. Some are magic, some are kitty-induced! But I had no problem using this with fresh scratches and cuts.

A little goes a long way! Which slightly makes up for its higher price tag of £9.50 for 5oml of product. It’s not /that/ high a price but it doesn’t LOOK like a luxuary item. The packaging, as you can see, is fairly plain and un-exciting. The product is more important though. Had I encountered it in a shop, I wouldn’t have picked it up based on appearance but the formula is good stuff.

I also noticed it was equally effective if my hands were drier or less-so – and you can use it frequently too. It was nice on my cuticles, I noticed a reduction in my need for cuticle oil which was a bonus.

You can buy a tube online, here for £9.50. They also do a trio gift bag for £25.

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Dutch ‘ya just love OPI


Unfortunately, my nails are much shorter now thanks to my awful incident with Sinful Colors nail polish which heavily stained my nails and turned them really brittle.. they’re still recovering!

Dutch ‘ya just love OPI is a lovely dark purple with a reddish shimmer and it looks beautiful. You can also pick it up cheaps on fragrance direct!


One of my favourite OPI polishes in my collection. Not that my collection is that big! Do you own this?


Gilty of being Teetotal


Please excuse the lack of clean up. I never usually bother but this could have done with it.. But that’s what happens when you paint your nails in the dark last night.. xD This is Zoya – Gilty over Butter London – Teetotal.

Teetotal was opaque in two coats.. Or should have been. I did a shoddy job here and it seems like Gilty may have dragged a bit of colour, but I was impatient as I just wanted to get this gold on my nails! 18k gold, really? :o It seemed like there was a bit too much clear polish in the bottle and not enough flakes… It looks great over EVERYTHING though. Well, all normal polishes. Doesn’t work with glitter and stuff. :B This didn’t come out as well as I was hoping but I like it none the less. I dunno how it compares with OPI’s offering…


What do you reckon? Do you own this or OPI’s gold top coat? Or both?


Why I didn’t like John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume

Unfortunately, I have naff all pictures for this post as my SD card went corrupt, so I lost loads of photos and other than being bedbound, is one of the reasons for my lack of posts recently. You may have also noticed some down-time…


So I leapt at the offer to try John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume range which is supposed to be good for fine hair like mine. Unfortunately, we didn’t get along…

The Shampoo and Conditioner smell pretty standard, just a generic clean smell, nothing to strong or overly perfumey which was nice. The shampoo lathered a nice amount and seemed to clean well, as you want from a shampoo and the conditioner was smoothing.. at first.


After a few uses, my hair was starting to feel quite stripped, but I kept up with it to give it a fair go. My hair was more tangled, dry and straw-like and more prone to breakage. Although it seemed slightly less greasy? Possibly because of it being stripped.. It was a bit more volumous, but it seemed like my hair was back combed by my scalp a bit where it got tangled, but it also wasn’t too weighed down either. I am wondering if this is the actual Shampoo & Conditioner or due to the fact I live in a hard water area and the two just aren’t compatible as I have never had any issue with John Frieda products in the past. I’m also wondering if a more intensive conditioner after would have been better, like a hair masque or something. Unfortunately, there isn’t one of those in the range. This is probably good if you have really oily hair though and my hair is delicate to begin with. It does get oily quickly, just at the roots really, greasy and limp yet its like it’s dry anyway. So it could very well be perfect for a different hair type.

I have noticed that certain products I used to use with no issue in Birmingham are no good on my hair up here, the difference being up here is hard water and back at my folks was not, it’s a shame I’m unable to visit my folks for a while as I’m really curious to see if I’d have a better experience with it there, though I am a bit feart of causing more damage to my hair. It’s getting healthier again after using some different products including macadamia leave in conditioning creme and after chopping all my damaged ends off (this isn’t all down to the shampoo by the way, a cut was due..) I ended up cutting a good few inches off, my hair is the shortest it has been since a scissor happy hair dresser a DECADE ago! Ha!

Have you tried the Luxurious Volume range? What did YOU make of it? Really interested on hearing your thoughts. I have seen a fair few positive reviews and this review here does remark on water differences and it possibly being better for really oily hair like I’ve previously mentioned. We all have different hair and.. everything else. Interested to hear what YOU think!


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A fashion post? Thermolactyl sweater from Damart.

Hi guys!

So I’ve been wanting to do a fashiony type post for ages, but I’m a bit shy, have a small wardrobe and no footwear except for trainers for my orthotics, but I’ve decided to be brave and post on an item of clothing.

If you didn’t know by now, I suffer from various chronic illness’ and deteriorate in winter. I need whatever tools I can in my arsenal. I’ve been known to wear a scarf indoors in winter to try and help keep myself warm and reduce my pain. Thanks to some lovely thermal wear from Damart, I’m a lot more toasty and don’t have to fight so much to keep myself warm.

14012-05010-F_M(Image curtosy of Damart)

There will be normal images in this post. *inhales* Honest. I just wanted to tell you about this sweater first. This Thermolactyl Round Neck Sweater from Damart is a 61% acrylic, 24% wool, 15% polyester blend and retails for £35-£39. Damart’s thermal range is celebrating a 60th year of production. This sweater is lovely and warm and I didn’t feel the need to pair it with a cardigan.

damart_thermo(Top – Damart. Jeans – Peacocks. Wristband – Fitbit. Necklace – eBay. Earrings – eBay. Nail Polish – Look Beauty in Kimono)

Yes, nail polish on one hand.. Blogger problems? And my lovely bruise where a door attacked me! I was somewhat concerned about the fit of the sweater, but I was surpsied to find it fit incredibly well. I am wearing a 14-16 size here.


..I’m no good at this fashion thing am I? Haha. I was feeling shy first but then this was really fun for me though. Should I do it more often?

I was quite pleased with the sweater. It kept me nice and warm but not too hot, it looks great in my opinion and I would definitely say it’s a great wardrobe staple for the colder months. I love the gold thread detailing in the ribbed trims. Dare I say, this Ruby Red version is even a little festive.. if you choose to think of it that way. I think I’m thinking of excuses to be festive and not terribly so, so that people don’t yell at me for it only being Novemer… There is also a grey version of this sweater if you would find that preferable! I think I may have to get this in grey as well. Comfortable, warm, stylish. It’s a winner with me! You can get your here – and they also have a competition where you can enter to win an Icelandic Adventure here –!

Do you own any thermal wear from Damart?

Also, I’d like to add a big thank you to Damart for working with me on this and encouraging me to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while!


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B. Nail Polish – Midnight

So the folks at B. kindly sent me a few goodies, of course, being the nail polish addict I am, I firstly and foremost went for giving the nail polish a go. They sent me the shade Midnight, which is a deep blue, in some lights, it looks a bit purple. Even without seeing the polish though, I’m sure you could have given a rough guess as to the shade!


I quite like the B. packaging. It’s simple but a little different. I like the “ribbon” theme they seem to have going on. Unfortunately, some of it came off the lid when I was using it and it feels kinda tacky? It’s not very “on there” – you could scratch it off with your nail. Though of course, this purely cosmetic and doesn’t effect the actual polish or anything. B. cosmetics all have the BUAV bunny logo on them!


The polish is nice. It has a really smooth formula and glides on nicely. It also doesn’t take too long to dry. What I found weird about this polish is that it has a wide brush. Some brands do, for example Rimmel. But this brush is more rectangular which made it a little more tricky to apply to my more rounded nail bed, I had to use the corner of the brush. This wasn’t too much of an issue when it clicked in my head. While the polish dries quickly, it wasn’t so quick that it became gloopy or unworkable so it just required a little clean up. (I don’t usually clean up my manicures) Not a problem in my opinion. For some people it might be.


A second criticism is the neck of the bottle. It’s easy to snag bristles if you’re not paying too much attention. I’d have liked a slightly wider neck. This isn’t a deal breaker for me, it’s not much of an issue; it just means no applying for a bed time manicure as I’ll probably make a horrible mess. That and – who here has ever NOT imprinted their bed linen in to their not-quite-dry polish? Nobody? That’s what I thought… Most of my manicures used to be curled up in bed..


The formula and general application of the polish far outweigh the cons. 8ml for £4.99 isn’t a bad deal. Oh, and it was virtually opaque in one coat. I felt it needed a second, but if you’re layering it then you could definitely do without. I imagine Max Factor – Fantasy Fire could look amazing over this, but it’s lovely on its own. Oh, and these pictures I took today, I applied the polish last night. And cleaned my bathroom and kitchen fully. So it wears pretty well! You can pick them up at Superdrug stores/online.

Have you tried any B. polishes?


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Superdrug Haul


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a haul! That said, it’s been a while since I’ve bought enough to warrant one. To be fair, it’s all pretty basic stuff I’ve bought really, but I wanted to do a quick haul post anyway as I hope to review some of this stuff. Sorry, this doesn’t have too many pictures really.. My internet isn’t wanting to let me upload them for some reason.

We have your good ol’ cotton wool pads, self explanatory really. I got 4 packs of these as I’m very low on them, they always get used and they’re on offer.. though they usually are.

RT Brushes are buy one and get one half price, I thought I would indulge. These are my first RT brushes and I aim to compare the gold brush with the knock off I got on eBay, they’re identical and feel very similar quality, though I’ve not actually used any product with the RT brush, but my knock offs are excellent so.. these should be amazing?


I have issues with the packaging though, or rather, what’s written on it. I should have taken a photo of the back. It says they’re high tech tools. High tech tools? Love, it’s some fake hair on a stick, it’s not really high tech. Paintbrushes (on record) have been around since the 17th centuary and make up brushes are simply a modification of that.. And you can have the poshest, most expensive tools in the world, it doesn’t suddenly make you not shit. You need to know how to use the tools you’re equipped with. Of course, high quality tools do help though. My make up application improved with both practice and a tool upgrade! Somebody will fall for the “expert tools will make you an expert” ans so I guess it’s a good marketing ploy really, but there are some amazing MUAs who have spent years and years developing their skills, they didn’t get talented from having a decent brush. I think it’s hand in hand with marketing for their actual tutorials as well which again, makes sense from a marketing standpoint, it’s actually quite clever. They’re only words, but it miffed me a little. *waits to be pelted with tomatos* Just my opinion, I’m entitled to it. Packaging aside, they are great brushes as far as I can tell/at first glance/rubbing that fluffiness all over my face.

I have the fourth and as far as I know, newest adition to Superdrugs Mud Therapy range. I review the other three in one post when this one didn’t exist.. or wasn’t in the shop, and they’re all excellent. You can see the review here if you like. The others weren’t in stock so I picked up two of these without even considering if it might not be as good. As well as the naturally radiant micro-polish as it was 3 for 2 on selected superdrug stuff.


I also got their Cherry & Fig shampoo & conditioner which has been featured in empties posts in the past, but they’ve changed the size/packaging. They’re more expensive but also bigger. Now it has a flip top on both instead. The conditioner was smaller and was a pump bottle. Now it’s a same size duo. Hurrah! I dunno if the forumla has changed, it looks the same. It made my hair softer and fuller, so going for that now I’m done trying some John Frieda stuff I’ll be telling you about soon.

I also got a Look Beauty polish in Kimono if I recall rightly, the Chanel Peridot dupe.. Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bronze as my other is very small now.. and a sleek blusher in Flushed, as make up is also on 3 for 2. I also bought a red colour effects to make the transition of my permanant dye leaving my hair a little less drastic. Hair dye in winter? Ain’t nobody got time fo that! It’s a shame the price has gone from 99p to £1.50 though. 50% price hike? Eesh. And lastly, I picked up B. Micellar water which I’ve been wanting to try! Yay. They’re half price at the moment. The lovely Vicki wrote a brief review of it as a product she’s recently loving. I think it was her posting about it that made me aware to its existence! I’d heard of B. and saw it in my Superdrug a while back, but never picked anything up so I’m excited to try this. My skin is awful at the moment!

Superdrug have a fair few offers on at the moment, as well as free delivery with orders over £10.


That’s MY Colour!

You may or may not be aware, that earlier on this year, Mavala launched the That’s My Colour campaign. People on Twitter and Instagram could submit photos with colours in they’d like to see as a nail polish. I was gobsmacked to  hear they had chosen MINE to be a part of the collection! Today, the post-fairy brought this little box of wonder to me and I got straight on to photographing and swatching so I could share it with you.

Brace yourself, pictures are coming.


The That’s My Colour collection comprises of three beautiful (and autumnal!) shades – Argentum, Hearth and Iridescence.


“Exclusively available at John Lewis stores nationwide, the That’s my Colour collection features three striking shades, chosen for their timeless wearability.”

  • Argentum – A molten silver with a chrome finish inspired by the sequined detailing of a jacket. Submitted by @jrosellenm via Instagram
  • Hearth – A cool forest green shade inspired by “the entrants” (OH MY GOODNESS, THAT’S ME) fireplace. The only thing I miss from my old flat. Okay, so I miss the decent oven and the big bathtub as well but shh. I submitted my entry via Twitter.
  • Iridescence – Inspired by the chameleon-like finish of petroleum reflected in the sun. Submitted by @wizardofozzy via Instagram

The box photo is a little more accurate in regards to how Argentum looks in the bottle, and pictures don’t do Iridescence justice at all! They are both pearl finishes. Hearth is a cream finish.

What’s that? You want to see some swatches? Oh, alright then!


(L-R) Argentum – Hearth – Iridescence

How beautiful are they!? I’m honoured to have a polish based off my photo being included in this gorgeous set! You guys know I adore nail polish. My collection has surpased 300. A lot to many, not much to some other polish addicts/collectors (eg the amazing Hannah at Polly Polish). So this is totally a dream come true!

Now, a couple more Hearth swatches. :# I was going to save this for a NOTD but I thought.. stuff it. It’s too pretty and I am too excited. I have to share!



The Thats My Colour collection from Mavala will retail at £13 for the box set of 3 polishes. It launches in John Lewis from November and nationwide from January 2014!

What do you think? Will you be picking up this beautiful collection?