Models Own Turquoise Hypergel

Turquoise Hypergel
Hey my lovelies! Boy, it’s good to be back! Easing in to things again nice and gently with a post on one of my favourite things… a nail polish! Everyone and their mum has heard about Models Own Hypergels! Of course, I had to pick some up when MO were running a sale. I got 5? 6? I can’t remember, I’ve been to sleep since then. I fell in love with the colour range and the idea of a high power glossy finish without the effort of curing. Though we know a lot of brands are doing those these days now; the whole “no UV required” gel finish.


So, I apply my first. Oh. Is it just me or is this kinda of thick and a bit gloopy? I took to twitter and others said they’d found the same. It was a little hard to work with but once done, it looked pretty great. Look at this smooth, shiny finish! I’m still on the fence about these… I mean, they look lovely but they’re really thick and not the easiest to work with.

What did you think of them if you picked any up? If you blogged on any, feel free to leave a link!


Vertical Zig-Zags

This is a combination of Nails Inc – Marylebone Road and Nails Inc – Briton Place. The Zig Zag stencils were from She Sells Sea Shells UK who I am placing too many orders with as of late…


I’m in love with these polishes and I am in love with this combo. I think I might be doing a lot more nails like this. It’s also a lot easier than trying to do multiple horizontally!

What do you think? I showed these to my family and my dad actually thought they were wraps or stick ons. Hah. I was really pleased with how my nails had grown (longer than this) but I had to cut them down to avoid the cracks of damage ruining the entire thing so I could still keep some length. They always seem to grow quicker in summer. Just me?



You’ve probably already heard of the wonder that is STEAMCREAM, if not, let me introduce you! Steamcream is a versatile cream that is handmade in the UK with ingredients that are “fused” together with steam. You can use it on your face, body and hands! Steamcream is sold in lovely eco-friendly, limited edition tins that you can recycle when you’re finished or re-use. Personally, I choose to re-use, they’re too cute to bung in the recycling!


I got my first tin of Steamcream in a Latest in Beauty box after months of curiosity but not wanting to spend £13 on a cream when I already have a fair few. Because of the nature of Steamcream, it has a 6m PAO (period after opening) which isn’t that long but I’m sure you can use it up. I’ve had my tin for a little longer and it’s been fine (but it’s also still within the best before date).


I really like Steamcream (even if I neglected after getting a sample of Vichy Idealia) and I ended up getting two more tins from Amazon in a lightning deal in Nocturnes and Noir (two monochrome, one is a piano key type design and the other is a flowery one) though I’ve yet to open them, they contain the same great product. I really like that they have so many tin designs to choose from which makes it more interesting to re-purchase. The design pictured is Con Amore and is discontinued. I’m lusting after a lot of other designs at the moment… I really want Eu de Vie..

Personally, I mainly use my Steamcream on my face or hands, but it’s a versatile, all-over cream. You can even mix with sugar or oats to make a facemask. It’s quite an intensive moisturiser and sits on the skin ever so slightly (I have combination skin) but doesn’t feel heavy and more like “protective moisture” than heavy and greasy.. if that makes sense. I like to put on a generous amount before I leave the house in this cold weather (I have no base products on most the time) as well as a nice dollop of lip balm and my skin feels nice, soft and nourished, rather than dry and possibly even flaky when I get back.

STEAMCREAM costs just short of £13 and is available at their website and other places on the interwebz!


SCI-MX Strawberry and Cream DUO Protein Bar

Hi guys!

So, recently, I’ve been trying really hard to battle my health and improve my life. After a session at the gym, I popped to asda and had a look at their protein bar offerings. The bars from SCI-MX appealed to me. They have three flavours. Strawberry and Cream, Caramel and Vanilla and Chocolate and Orange. I opted for Strawberry and Cream and a Caramel and Vanilla.


The packaging looks clinical, like most protein bars but the style of the bar is fun and a bit “angel cakey” in so far as it’s two layers of colour/flavour and coated in chocolate. Whey makes protein bars gritty so I was surprised to find that these were quite light and fluffy and not strongly gritty. I enjoyed both bars and later tried choco-orange and enjoyed that too, but the strawberry and cream was definitely the winner of the three for flavour – it’s coated in white chocolate! It was also the smoothest of the three bars.


SCI-MX duo bars have been formulated to deliver an 9 hour supply of “GRS-5″ gradual release protein to muscles to ensure that they are optimally nourished to maximise recovery and growth. They contain 20g of protein per bar. I’ve only ever had one bar with such “low” protein (usually around 32g) and that was a recovery bar, but I didn’t want or need anything heavy duty, plus with 9 hour release, it aided the appeal. I found it actually helped my exertion significantly more than I had expected so it really did the trick!


I ended up going online and buying a box, with a discount, they come to little more than buying individuals at ASDA (£1.60 each) but it was also free next day delivery and a free shaker and a water bottle.


Have you tried these bars before? What do you think?


Ahoy hoy – The story so far

Hi guys!


So you’ll notice it’s been pretty much bang on 6 months since I’ve posted. In fact, I wrote those posts in late November and had scheduled them so for me – it’s been even longer. My laptop crapped out, when I planned to return, my health took a nose dive, then I lost the motivation and I didn’t want to force it; that makes for lousy reading, then I felt motivated again and changed my design, sorted some make up out, washed all my brushes too!



….then I ended up in hospital…(That was fun, I learned something new – Lumbar punctures when you’re tolerant to anesthesia are FUN. And by fun I mean one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced… And two lots of anesthesia and 4 attempts later, all they did was draw blood… (and left me in it for a couple of hours) after coming to say HEY CAN WE DO THIS at 5 in the frigging morning despite me being up at 3am having panic attacks and crying all over the nurse.) This picture is a few hours after proceedure was attempted..


Annnd then I was recovering.. now I’m quite rough but more motivated… During this time, I wrote a couple of drafted posts and I do hope to return properly soon. I didn’t want to post what I’ve written until I’m certain.

It’s like life has been telling me to slow down and look after *me* and to focus on myself. In this time, I’ve taken a lot of steps to help me overcome my anxiety and agoraphobia. There is still a VERY long way to go, but I no longer feel utterly petrified at the idea of popping to the shop. On monday, I had a major day and that was a leap for me. I took pictures on my Instagram (LizzumsBB).


So, I focused on me and some things that I wanted to do. Especially this week and it’s been fantastic. I’ve been a lot happier and it really makes a difference! On Monday I managed to see this -  a sight I’ve not seen in a couple of months short of TWO YEARS thanks to my agoraphobia. Still a long way to go but it helps give me hope.


I’ve even been to the gym.. on my OWN! This picture is in the smaller more private gym when I started going as they don’t approve of pictures in the big one but I went in there in my own despite my fear and ENJOYED it! I wish I was up to going more. I haven’t been in a while because of my health and last time I did was worrisome as I had an iffy turn – a fear of mine but I got through it and I was okay. Flattering pic huh?


Basically a whole lot of bettering myself. Physically and mentally. A long way to go but getting there! I’m determined to break the cycle. LOL GEDDIT? I’M SO FUNNY!


So…! That’s where I’ve been.. if anyone was wondering.. and hopefully I’ll have posts again soon. :D


Love! xx



Bruzz.. is amazing. It’s tooted as the most hygienic nail brush in the world and I think that I may have to agree with them! It’s available in Pink, Blue and White.



The Bruzz fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and you can use it wet, dry, the usual way you use a nail brush or use on the entire finger. The rubber bristles limit spray and it smells like VANILLA!


It’s really soft and really effective. The vanilla smell does wear after a while and it’s more a novelty if I’m honest but it doesn’t effect the product enough for me to care too much. It’s a lot gentler and less wearing on nails and cuticles than a regular bristled nail brush and hard wearing.. And now, one of the best parts about this?


The bristles are removable! You can take them out, flatten them and and sanitise them, pull out anything caught etc as often as you like/need. It’s great on real and artificial nails (apparently, I’ve never had them so I can’t comment on this personally) It’s made of three panels that can fold out and fold back up to give multi-directional cleaning. It’s a fantastic product and I don’t think I could ever use a normal nail brush again. Really. This is a superb product and I honestly can’t fault it. The design is nice, it fits perfectly, it’s practical and it does the job. It’s more than a normal nail brush, but it wears a lot better and I don’t think you’d need to replace it as quickly at all. It’d be kinda cool if you could buy replacement bristles on their own for a fraction of the price as well. OH! and it’s dishwasher safe! If you wanted to do that…

Bruzz costs just under £12 and is available here. Or you can buy a trio for £30!

Have you ever heard of or given Bruzz a go?

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SEAMS Handcream


SEAMS is a relatively new hand cream and this review is long overdue! I have been trying this for a while and I was unsure about it as I love my L’Occitane hand cream but this… well. Read on!

“SEAMS was born from fashion and created as the ultimate seamstress for your hands, with a unique blend of ingredients to give your hands and nails everything they need. This restorative hand treatment lightens age spots, repairs and delivers long lasting hydration. This ultra-light non greasy formula absorbs fast and is touch safe when handling fabric.”

“Shea Butter protects and nourishes, Macadamia Nut Oil improves suppleness and softens, Garden Cress evens skin tone and fades and prevents age spots, Keratin strengthens nails, Fragonia gives anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection and Glycerin heals burns, bites and cuts.”


This hand cream is.. great! It doesn’t feel greasy at all. The fragrance is really strong and initially, I didn’t like it, but it grew on me. It sinks in really quickly and was more intensive than I anticipated for something that soaked in so quickly. It was great because I didn’t have to sit there waiting all day for it to sink in. Hurrah!

It didn’t sting my hands either. I thought when I smelled it “this is gonna hurt” but it didn’t affect my cuts at all. I didn’t really notice healing time being improved or anything but I have no idea how long they would have taken anyway. I always have cuts on my hands. Some are magic, some are kitty-induced! But I had no problem using this with fresh scratches and cuts.

A little goes a long way! Which slightly makes up for its higher price tag of £9.50 for 5oml of product. It’s not /that/ high a price but it doesn’t LOOK like a luxuary item. The packaging, as you can see, is fairly plain and un-exciting. The product is more important though. Had I encountered it in a shop, I wouldn’t have picked it up based on appearance but the formula is good stuff.

I also noticed it was equally effective if my hands were drier or less-so – and you can use it frequently too. It was nice on my cuticles, I noticed a reduction in my need for cuticle oil which was a bonus.

You can buy a tube online, here for £9.50. They also do a trio gift bag for £25.

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Dutch ‘ya just love OPI


Unfortunately, my nails are much shorter now thanks to my awful incident with Sinful Colors nail polish which heavily stained my nails and turned them really brittle.. they’re still recovering!

Dutch ‘ya just love OPI is a lovely dark purple with a reddish shimmer and it looks beautiful. You can also pick it up cheaps on fragrance direct!


One of my favourite OPI polishes in my collection. Not that my collection is that big! Do you own this?


Gilty of being Teetotal


Please excuse the lack of clean up. I never usually bother but this could have done with it.. But that’s what happens when you paint your nails in the dark last night.. xD This is Zoya – Gilty over Butter London – Teetotal.

Teetotal was opaque in two coats.. Or should have been. I did a shoddy job here and it seems like Gilty may have dragged a bit of colour, but I was impatient as I just wanted to get this gold on my nails! 18k gold, really? :o It seemed like there was a bit too much clear polish in the bottle and not enough flakes… It looks great over EVERYTHING though. Well, all normal polishes. Doesn’t work with glitter and stuff. :B This didn’t come out as well as I was hoping but I like it none the less. I dunno how it compares with OPI’s offering…


What do you reckon? Do you own this or OPI’s gold top coat? Or both?


Why I didn’t like John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume

Unfortunately, I have naff all pictures for this post as my SD card went corrupt, so I lost loads of photos and other than being bedbound, is one of the reasons for my lack of posts recently. You may have also noticed some down-time…


So I leapt at the offer to try John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume range which is supposed to be good for fine hair like mine. Unfortunately, we didn’t get along…

The Shampoo and Conditioner smell pretty standard, just a generic clean smell, nothing to strong or overly perfumey which was nice. The shampoo lathered a nice amount and seemed to clean well, as you want from a shampoo and the conditioner was smoothing.. at first.


After a few uses, my hair was starting to feel quite stripped, but I kept up with it to give it a fair go. My hair was more tangled, dry and straw-like and more prone to breakage. Although it seemed slightly less greasy? Possibly because of it being stripped.. It was a bit more volumous, but it seemed like my hair was back combed by my scalp a bit where it got tangled, but it also wasn’t too weighed down either. I am wondering if this is the actual Shampoo & Conditioner or due to the fact I live in a hard water area and the two just aren’t compatible as I have never had any issue with John Frieda products in the past. I’m also wondering if a more intensive conditioner after would have been better, like a hair masque or something. Unfortunately, there isn’t one of those in the range. This is probably good if you have really oily hair though and my hair is delicate to begin with. It does get oily quickly, just at the roots really, greasy and limp yet its like it’s dry anyway. So it could very well be perfect for a different hair type.

I have noticed that certain products I used to use with no issue in Birmingham are no good on my hair up here, the difference being up here is hard water and back at my folks was not, it’s a shame I’m unable to visit my folks for a while as I’m really curious to see if I’d have a better experience with it there, though I am a bit feart of causing more damage to my hair. It’s getting healthier again after using some different products including macadamia leave in conditioning creme and after chopping all my damaged ends off (this isn’t all down to the shampoo by the way, a cut was due..) I ended up cutting a good few inches off, my hair is the shortest it has been since a scissor happy hair dresser a DECADE ago! Ha!

Have you tried the Luxurious Volume range? What did YOU make of it? Really interested on hearing your thoughts. I have seen a fair few positive reviews and this review here does remark on water differences and it possibly being better for really oily hair like I’ve previously mentioned. We all have different hair and.. everything else. Interested to hear what YOU think!


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