MUA – The Artiste Collection

You might have heard about one the newest releases from Make Up Academy, the Artiste Collection multi-use palette. By might, I mean you have. Unless you’ve been away from the bloggersphere the past month…

The palette has 6 eyeshadows, with a funky “speckled egg” design, though the packaging says “marbled”, two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. I’ll probably never use the bronzer.. You’ll understand why when I show you the swatches.. “bronze” does not look good on my pasty white skin!

..I hate those stupid stickers they put on.. you can’t read fully, but they have a little tutorial on the back. I love these. I can’t peel the sticker off, but can peel it back enough to see I’m missing “shimmery base” and “extra wow” so not really losing out a massive amount from my “master class” eh! But also, the shades have names, though you can’t see them too clearly on the actual palette…

It’s nice MUA have finally named their shades.. but neither in the palette or swatched are pistachio or mocca the actual colours of their names.. see text on the image.. Maybe I’m just being pedantic but it bugged me when I noticed it. The mocca one, less so, but the “pistachio” I think of actual pistachios when in actual fact, in this palette, it’s more of a frosty spearminty colour. Lemme show you some swatches! Forgive my arm hair…?


See what I mean? Still, just me being picky. The colours are soft and pigmented. I love the speckled egg pans. I don’t care if it says marbled, it’s speckled egg, not marbled. :B I got so bummed that they just looked kinda mucky after me putting my fingers in there. :( Design so pretty….!

Here are my bad blush swatches… they are also quite pigmented and the colour is easily buildable. I much prefer primrose, but I know both will get their use.

The bronzer on me is just a big no-no. Again, pigmented and buildable. The highlighter however is soft and shimmery, also quite buildable, not at all chalky and of course, not too pigmented. Spot on.

The colours, textures, the speckled egg pattern in a nice selection of colours encased in MUA’s standard pro style palette with a “mini master class” is spot on. I’ve dropped this palette already and no breakage. I expected a pan or two to need fixing but nope, all stayed fine. I’m not saying drop your palette, but I’m saying it is quite sturdy.

They’re £6 from Superdrug (where at the moment you can get a free tube of Lipgloss with any MUA purchase), or available online!

Have you picked this up yet, do you plan to? Have you given it a go?

  • Cityscape Bliss

    Haha absolutely love how you want the names to be accurate – cmon MUA, you got the gist we wanted names, but you could at least get the names right!:D I totally agree with everything, and am glad that someone else noticed that the packaging is a bit sturdier than the rest of palettes!:) xx

    • Elizabeth Fleming

      I’m OCD. Can’t help it. :’) They tried. They’re learning, they’re learning, haha. Part of me wonders if it’s the fact the palette has different pans and such in so they had to *shrug* either way, yay! xx

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